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The Government grants $350 billion in government grants, free money, free grants, college grants and other free government grants each year. Matthew Lesko and Government Money Club will help you get your share!

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  • Free Money For Entrepreneurs! - NEW!
    Matthew Lesko shows you over 12,000 Government Grants Programs to help you live the American Dream. Grants, Low Interest Loans, Government Contracts, Free Services. Matthew Lesko provides Over 900 pages!

  • Free Money For Everybody! - NEW!
    Plus 90 minutes audio training from Matthew Lesko. Lesko provides 1700 of the best free money and government grants programs your tax money can buy!

  • How To Write And Get A Grant! - 1/2 Price Internet Special
    Matthew Lesko 's complete course on getting government grants for business. Get business grants for training and school! Includes copies of Applications for 50 Successful Government Grants on CD-ROM!

  • Free Money To Pay Your Bills! - HOT!
    Matthew Lesko provides help with free money and government grants to pay: your mortgage, rent, health bills, closing costs, child care, home and auto repairs, travel, and even credit card bills? Matthew Lesko recommends you check this one out!

  • State Grant Finder For Business - State Grants Finder
    Matthew Lesko 's Business Grants Source plus applications from your State plus the Federal government! Matthew Lesko provides Instant access to hundred's of business grants, business loans, contracts and other free government grants help.

  • Free Money For A Better Home!
    Matthew Lesko provides help with government grants to help with buying a house, buying real estate or fixing up a house or real estate purchase!!

  • Successful Grant Applications and Winning Business Plans!
    Matthew Lesko 's cheat cheats including copies of successful government grants, applications and small business plans!

  • 6 Hours with Matthew Himself! DVD Special!
    Over 6 hours of Free Government Grants Video Information, including Workshop Presentations, Live Audience Question & Answer Sessions, Hot Internet Links For Computer Users, And More! Order the specially-priced package of 3 DVDs for one low price, or see details to order the DVDs individually.

  • American Benefits for Seniors - NEW!
    Government Money Programs For Seniors Start At Age 40. Access over 3,000 government grants and other government programs, worth $890 Billion!

  • How To Have Fun With Your Kids! - NEW!
    Matthew Lesko wears 2 hats... one of them a propellor beanie! He philosophizes about raising kids and includes hundreds of Grants and Free Money freebies.

  • As Seen On TV: Free Money To Change Your Life with Audio
    Matthew Lesko 's complete course on getting government money, government grants and business cash - A best seller!

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